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Phone Technical Support

Technocarb customers can speak to a representative over the phone for that basic technical question or set up an online session for more in depth support. 

Worldwide Online Support

For more extensive service, Technocarb customers can use our live support portal which allows direct interface to a remote computer connected to a vehicle. This service is available anywhere in the world and only requires a high speed internet connection. Call ahead to arrange a connection time.

On-Site Training

Technocarb offers on-site training services for registered installers or fleet customers wishing to install their own equipment in compliance with local safety authorities. Once the persprective trainee has aquired the necessary gas safety certifications and documents from their local safety authority, Technocarb can train and issue certificates of competency for the installation of our equipment.  

Repair and Testing Services

Technocarb's product line is fully backed with all the proper diagnostics and repair services. A repair service is also available for out of warranty items.