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High Demand Applications

Technocarb supplies custom developed kits for high demand applications that require the utmost in reliability. All components are chosen to deliver peak performance and are then paired up with direct fit bracketing for an OEM style fit and finish. This configuration gives a consistent installation layout that is both rugged and reliable in the most demanding applications. The ECU comes pre-programmed for the specific engine as is augmented with a high flow gas regulator, injectors, and plug and play installation harnesses. Any required modules are supplied to properly interface into the vehicle's systems for seamless integration.

Fleet Vehicles

Fleet vehicles are a specialty of Technocarb with a wide range of packages tailored to specific applications. From the gas injectors to the regulator and ECU programming, all components are matched to properly supply fuel to the engine. The kits are also supplied with vehicle specific schematics, modules, and plug and play harnesses to complete the installation.
Many economy kits on the market are sold claiming to power larger engines, however they inevitably fail to deliver sufficient fuel. Technocarb constantly monitors all component production lines whether in-house or outsourced to ensure the components conform to a standard that will deliver proper performance. 

Passenger Vehicles

Technocarb kits are available for 3,4,5,6,8,and 10 cylinder engines to fit the needs of literally any passenger car or truck. These kits conform to the same O.E.M. level of performance standards, delivering the correct amount of fuel for the lowest emissions, best performance and fuel economy. 
And as with all Technocarb kits, vehicle specific schematics, modules and plug and play harnesses are made available to complete the installation.  Technocarb ships the ECUs preprogrammed for the application and normally only requires the installer to do a final check of operation.

Diesel Applications

The EcoDiesel System is Technocarb's flagship injection system, specifically designed for the diesel engine market. Developed solely in-house from the ground up, the EcoDiesel System is equipped with numerous performance and safety features. The ECU self-calculates its own fuel map based on information entered by the installer. The supplemental fuel delivery is monitored and recalculated 30 times per second to deliver the most accurate amount of gas to enhance the diesel engine's emissions, performance, and fuel economy.
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